A boomerang is a sophisticated weapon. You throw it out there, but it always comes back. And then you repeat. This is how we approach PR and digital marketing.

Have you known for some time that PR and marketing isn't working anymore? Have you tried and failed to apply the same old methods online and seen no benefit?

Realising how much the web has changed everything forever – are you frustrated, overwhelmed and confused about how to make the transition from traditional to modern PR and marketing?

Boomerang can help. Through a range of specialist services – PR, Digital Marketing and Web Development – we will help you to bravely step away from the old way of doing things, and embrace an even better way of connecting with customers.

And that's by understanding that today's PR and marketing isn't just about getting into newspapers and magazines, or having the best media contacts. It's also about content and conversation, and having the best possible online presence.

Our team of PR, marketing and journalism experts can take charge of your entire PR and marketing efforts, helping to boost your reputation both offline and online.

While our in-house developers can ensure you’ve got all the right digital platforms in place. That’s whether you need a new website, bespoke app or integrated software system – we will do everything to ensure you're making the most of the web and using the best technology available to you.

But we offer so much more than your average PR agency or digital firm. We can help at every stage of your business. From business audits and brand positioning to finding new markets to target or discovering ways to streamline your processes – we aim to become an essential part of your marketing team. If you'd like to discover how Boomerang can help you, call us for a free consultation.