The whole point of a Boomerang is that it acts like a clever weapon. You throw it out there, but it always comes back. And then you repeat. This is how we approach digital communications.

What We Do

Have you known for some time that PR and marketing isn't working anymore? Have you tried and failed to apply the same old methods online and seen no benefit?

Realising how much the web has changed everything forever – are you frustrated, overwhelmed and confused about how to make the transition from traditional to digital communications?

Boomerang can help. Through a range of specialist services – Digital PR, Digital Marketing and Development – we will help you to bravely step away from the old way of doing things, and embrace an even better way of connecting with customers.

And that's by understanding that today's PR and marketing is about content and conversation. In fact, content is the most important aspect of any digital strategy.

Boomerang's team of PR, marketing, journalism and programming professionals are extremely well-placed to take charge of your content and successfully manage your online reputation.

How We Work

Even though we believe content is the most important aspect of any digital strategy, it's something that is often overlooked or considered as an afterthought.

Many agencies will focus purely on design and technology. Although these elements are important, it's the content that will determine everything else. It's the content that will lead the way and help you reach your customers. It's foolish to think otherwise.

With this in mind, Boomerang works to its own tailored process called the 'Boomerang Blueprint'. It's an eight-step process that begins with a full business audit to determine your goals and your audience, and then builds a digital strategy around content and conversation to help you better connect with customers.

And once we've helped you to attract more customers, we can build systems to help you cope with the next stage of your journey. It's the way a Boomerang works. We throw your business out there, it comes back – and then we review, repeat and start again. Our 'Boomerang Blueprint' offers you a tried and tested, foolproof route to success.