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  1. All you need is a logo...?

    All you need is a logo...?

    Looking for the first step in re-branding your business? Create a logo. But don’t let it become your only focus. Why? Because the logo isn’t the only aspect of a successful company. What d...

    8th Mar 2011 by Tom Cowan in Marketing

  2. Is social media killing the recruitment industry?

    There was a time, not so long ago, when businesses always employed recruitment agencies to find quality candidates and the candidates always used recruitment agencies to find decent jobs. Since the ex...

    31st Jan 2011 by Katy Cowan in Social Media

  3. Why digital marketing is a wise investment

    I must admit, the first day back after Christmas is always a bit depressing. Lots of emails to catch up on and work to start ploughing through after a lovely festive break. But coupled with David Came...

    4th Jan 2011 by Katy Cowan in Marketing

  4. Why criticism is your best weapon

    Putting out surveys and asking for customer feedback is something every business should do on a regular basis. It should be an integral part of any company's business plan. But many fear the answers t...

    16th Dec 2010 by Katy Cowan in Marketing

  5. What about the competition?

    It's a funny old business world sometimes. Companies being wary of one another, keeping an eye on what their competition is doing and always worrying about getting left behind. Particularly in this un...

    13th Dec 2010 by Katy Cowan in Marketing

  6. Why it's good to be flexible in business

    A lovely client of ours recently gave us some fantastic praise and feedback. On talking about the way we had dealt with her and provided support, she said we were 'outstanding'. Why? Because we'd been...

    8th Dec 2010 by Katy Cowan in Marketing

  7. It's better to be humble in business

    As you know, I've been working at Boomerang for quite some time now and I've learnt so much about social media and online reputations, that I felt compelled to write today's blog post.. About why it's...

    5th Dec 2010 by in Marketing

  8. Why small is the new big

    When it comes to business, one would assume that big is better. But big is old hat because small happened. Small is the new big. I love reading Seth Godin's 'Small is the new Big' as it...

    27th Oct 2010 by Katy Cowan in Public Relations

  9. Image is everything... or is it?

    In the world of business, you want to hire suppliers who look the business. Because as humans, we naturally trust and lean towards brands that look like they provide high quality products or...

    21st Oct 2010 by Katy Cowan in Marketing

  10. Is Social Media useless?

    A survey out last week conducted by the Forum of Private Business (FPB) found that 52 percent of respondents who use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, regard them as 'useless'...

    17th Oct 2010 by Katy Cowan in Social Media

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  1. DipJar raises funding for a tip jar where you pay with plastic, not spare change - http://t.co/Cbrd0Cdgi8http://t.co/SBbEfFioM6

    @TeamBoomerang 7 hours ago

  2. Contactless payments arrive on the London Underground, Overground, trams and DLR - http://t.co/FJ3MR99sCxhttp://t.co/GFGtqnu5zE

    @TeamBoomerang 9 hours ago

  3. @soundslikedavid We're happy to help :) Send us your CV and portfolio please - careers(at)http://t.co/De1m2XReJ9Thanks

    @TeamBoomerang 1 day ago

  4. Hi @soundslikedavid, thanks for your tweet! The position is for a Junior Designer, ideally with a degree or similar.

    @TeamBoomerang 1 day ago

  5. Yo still kicking with more than 100M Yos sent, roughly 15 per second - http://t.co/fNkXG53oZ3http://t.co/nhLc4GW5Ig

    @TeamBoomerang 1 day ago