1. How Fifty Shades of Grey whipped the retail industry into a frenzy and sparked a publicity chain reaction

    12th February 2015 by Laura Collinson

    For the past two years there’s been no escaping the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena. For anyone not already well-versed in the colourful world of S&M, the edgy love story between the innocent...

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  2. A great start to 2015 at Boomerang with new client wins and Creative Boom success

    9th February 2015 by Katy Cowan

    We've had a great start to 2015 after winning an interesting mix of new clients at Boomerang. First up, we've been appointed by one of the UK's leading online retailers of hedges, trees and topiary, B...

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  3. The ultimate SEO checklist for discerning bloggers

    20th January 2015 by Katy Cowan

    If you’re looking to attract more visitors to your website then did you know that your blog could be the key to achieving that goal? That’s because the largest traffic source to most blogs...

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  4. Green Party leader Natalie Bennett teaches Andrew Marr a thing or two

    19th January 2015 by Scott Hamilton

    I learned a new phrase while watching Natalie Bennett on Andrew Marr on Sunday. The phrase is unimportant — it was no stunning soundbite — what’s important is that I learned this new...

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  5. How to carry out meaningful user testing on a small budget

    12th January 2015 by Chris Moriarty

    User research is at the heart of creating effective online experiences and optimising your website to perform how you want it to. One of the best ways to really understand how people interact with it ...

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  6. How much did Back to the Future II get right about 2015?

    5th January 2015 by Chris Moriarty

    Social media buffs and film fans the world over have been patiently waiting for 2015 to arrive – so they can fire out as many of those Back to the Future references as possible. For those t...

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  7. Boomerang's highlights of 2014

    18th December 2014 by Katy Cowan

    For many, December is a time for self-reflection. It’s when we consider everything that’s happened over the past 12 months – our triumphs, our failures, our lessons learnt – an...

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  8. Is the media’s love/hate relationship with Uber detrimental to its success?

    19th November 2014 by Laura Collinson

    Taxi apps have become the norm. After a meeting or following post-work drinks, it’s no surprise for someone to whip out their smartphone and hail a cab virtually. Londoners will be well versed i...

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  9. The annual Christmas TV advertising battle: Who’s the winner for 2014?

    18th November 2014 by Katy Cowan

    It’s November. It’s finally cold enough to wear our winter coats. And that must mean only one thing. The beginning of the Christmas television adverts from high street retailers and superm...

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  10. Our client Johnson Tiles helps the Tower Poppies bloom

    6th November 2014 by Katy Cowan

    Our client Johnson Tiles has offered a sneak peek behind the scenes at the making of the ceramic poppies for the installation at Tower of London. The final poppy will be planted on Armistice Day, and ...

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