1. Boomerang's highlights of 2014

    18th December 2014 by Katy Cowan

    For many, December is a time for self-reflection. It’s when we consider everything that’s happened over the past 12 months – our triumphs, our failures, our lessons learnt – an...

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  2. Is the media’s love/hate relationship with Uber detrimental to its success?

    19th November 2014 by Laura Collinson

    Taxi apps have become the norm. After a meeting or following post-work drinks, it’s no surprise for someone to whip out their smartphone and hail a cab virtually. Londoners will be well versed i...

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  3. The annual Christmas TV advertising battle: Who’s the winner for 2014?

    18th November 2014 by Katy Cowan

    It’s November. It’s finally cold enough to wear our winter coats. And that must mean only one thing. The beginning of the Christmas television adverts from high street retailers and superm...

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  4. Our client Johnson Tiles helps the Tower Poppies bloom

    6th November 2014 by Katy Cowan

    Our client Johnson Tiles has offered a sneak peek behind the scenes at the making of the ceramic poppies for the installation at Tower of London. The final poppy will be planted on Armistice Day, and ...

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  5. The importance of getting to know your users – where to start

    5th November 2014 by Chris Moriarty

    Good design serves a purpose. Whether you are designing physical goods or digital ones, it is crucial to keep in mind what you want that product to achieve, for both your business and your users...

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  6. Does the MatchDay app enhance or compromise on real-life experience?

    4th November 2014 by Laura Collinson

    It’s not out of the ordinary to attend a public event and be met with a sea of Smartphones. And post-event, it only takes a quick Google search to uncover photographs, videos and commentary from...

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  7. Google Inbox: The inbox that works for you?

    27th October 2014 by Katy Cowan

    Google has launched Inbox. Designed to tackle the growing problem of email overload, it will sit alongside its Gmail service rather than replace it. Available as an app for Android and for the iPhone,...

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  8. Failing to prepare is preparing for public humiliation

    16th October 2014 by Scott Hamilton

    While the news is full of Tory minister Lord Freud saying that some disabled people aren’t “worth the minimum wage”, it wasn’t the ignorance of the remarks that shocked me half...

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  9. Why it’s important to remember that marketing is about people

    14th October 2014 by Katy Cowan

    It’s easy to get lost in the world of PR and marketing, focusing only on the goal of your efforts and all those juicy stats and figures, when you’re forgetting that one crucial component &...

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  10. Boomerang launches its new brand identity

    8th October 2014 by Katy Cowan

    When I first went freelance in 2007, I was suddenly faced with the difficult dilemma of choosing a name for my new business. Having just returned from a family wedding in Australia, and feeling inspir...

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