Just how fruitful will the Apple Watch prove to be?

    24th September 2014 by Laura Collinson

    Let’s have a show of hands; before Apple revealed details of its highly anticipated Apple Watch, how many of you were considering the purchase of a ‘smartwatch’ from one of its compe...

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    Social Sway: Your greatest power

    19th September 2014 by Liz Wilson

    Way before the results were announced today of the Scottish referendum, commentators keen to identify any sway were keeping a very close eye on social media. But whilst opinion polls said one thing, F...

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    Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is 2014’s biggest social media story

    27th August 2014 by Katy Cowan

    Since July, we’ve been watching the growing global phenomenon of the Ice Bucket Challenge, all secretly hoping it will go away before we’re nominated and have to take part ourselves. Optin...

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    Greggs bakery shows us how to handle a social media nightmare

    19th August 2014 by Katy Cowan

    When a fake and offensive logo replaced Greggs’ official mark on Google this afternoon, the baker demonstrated how to turn a potential PR nightmare into a positive...

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    Why our integrated campaign attracted record-breaking traffic and enquiries for Manchester Fertility

    11th August 2014 by Katy Cowan

    We wanted to share a recent success story regarding one of our clients, Manchester Fertility. Its new partnership with Access Fertility was the largest and most significant story to emerge from o...

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    Who will benefit from the Facebook ‘Buy’ function?

    22nd July 2014 by Laura Collinson

    Facebook is making its next big move in a push on advertising sales. In a further attempt to increase revenue, the social networking heavyweight this week announced...

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    Is this the coolest publicity stunt you’ve ever seen?

    16th July 2014 by Katy Cowan

    How do you grab the attention of the entire world in one enticing cool stunt? You serve up a taste of the future with an ice-cream delivery service in over 100 cities worldwide, that’s how. Uber...

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    Prank advertisements

    11th July 2014 by Liz Wilson

    In an ad-saturated world, how can brands really get your attention? Step forward LG, which has really switched us onto its technology with a series of viral prank videos. Instead of boring us with the...

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    What does Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ initiative mean to you?

    7th July 2014 by Laura Collinson

    There has been much talk of late about Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ initiative, but many are still asking what it actually means.

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    Did you 'like' Facebook's user experiment?

    4th July 2014 by Liz Wilson

    Social media can do many things….even dictate how we feel. At least that’s what Facebook wanted to investigate, and around 700,000 of us were part of this emotive experiment without even ...

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